Michelle M

My name is Michelle and I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and currently
live in Charlotte, NC. I was fortunate enough to grow up visiting the U.S., and more
specifically Disney World, every December! I have loved Disney movies and
everything Disney since my first trip to Disney World right before I turned 2. I have
so many memories with my family and grandparents in the parks and they all came
rushing back when we took our son to WDW for the first time right after his second
birthday. It was everything I remembered and loved only magnified tenfold by
getting to see the magic through my son’s eyes. He had already known and loved
Mickey for two years and the look on his face the first time he saw him in real life
made both my husband and I tear up. At that moment I was hooked all over again
and knew I would continue the Disney tradition with my own family and raise little
Disney lovers just like me!

I am also a huge foodie and luckily food and Disney go really well together! Eating
around Disney World is definitely one of the biggest highlights of my family’s trips
and we spend months and months planning the snacks and meals for our next visit.
In between trips we like to keep the magic of Disney alive at home through food and
last year we cooked our way through 27 Disney movies in anticipation of our
December trip! We planned and cooked elaborate menus for movies from Lady and
The Tramp to Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast to Dumbo. We used this movie night
opportunity to expose our boys to foods from all over the world since Disney movies
are set in so many different countries! Our Disney movie nights also helped to get
them excited and prepared for our trip even though we kept it a secret until the
morning we left!

I enjoy planning and coordinating our trips almost as much as I enjoy going on them
and will be looking forward to planning the most delicious and magical vacation for
your family!