Megan S

Hey there! My name is Megan Stephenson and I am a Disney enthusiast! My husband always teases that I am either on a Disney vacation or planning the next one 😉 What can I say? My love for Disney runs deep. I have been going since I was a little girl and some of my very first memories are those magical ones I made at Disney World. The magic has only
multiplied as I am now taking trips with my husband, Chris and our 3 little ones, Cora, Cooper and Veyda. There is nothing quite like experiencing the magical world of Disney through the eyes of your own children! Its something every parent should have the opportunity to experience! As annual passholders, we try to make a trip to Disney World
multiple times throughout the year, and even after all of these times I can honestly say we still haven’t done everything! There is just so much to experience and do and every trip is truly a different unique experience. That’s one of the things that makes Disney such a magical place and one that we will continue to visit for years and years to

Even before I was a planner, one of my favorite things to do was help friends plan their trips. I love sharing my knowledge and passion for Disney with others! From the bigger details like times of year to visit and the best resort to match your budget to even the smallest of details – like the perfect spot to take in a parade or the best snack in each land, helping families create the perfect vacation is so special to me! I’ve heard many people say that Disney is “too expensive” or “too much work” and that just doesn’t have to be the case – especially when you have an experience planner by your side through it all! I am so excited to help families plan the perfect Disney get-away and help create memories that will last a lifetime!