Shawn H

Shawn was born in Illinois but spent most of her childhood and adolescence in the Bay Area near San Francisco. She was attending the University of San Diego when her parents and sister moved to Suwanee, GA. In her mid-twenties Shawn took a promotion and moved to Mickey-land (a.k.a. Orlando, FL) and lived there for 2 years. She then returned to Georgia in 2007 and met her husband, Alex 3 years later. They celebrated their 5-year wedding anniversary in 2018, and they have beautiful 3.5 year old daughter, Juliet.

Growing up, Shawn’s Mom was (and still is) a Disney fanatic. Her first trip to Disney World was when she was 5 (a very long car ride from Illinois). While living in California, she visited Disneyland several times and got to visit Disney California Adventure Park the first week it was open. However, Disney World in Florida remained the family’s favorite park and they visited it almost once a year. Between her family visits, living in Orlando with an annual pass, and countless work conferences, Shawn has visited Disney World more times then she can count (approx. 50+) and stayed at many of the Walt Disney World Resorts. Her favorite Walt Disney World Park is Epcot. Her favorite activity is visiting the different countries at the World Showcase and trying the diverse food and drinks. She also enjoys attempting to speak the little French and Italian she knows with
the Cast Members from those countries.

Shawn is excited to leverage not only her life-long passion for Disney, but also her many visits and experiences at Disney parks to help other families plan their magical Disney vacations.