Amanda M

Hi, my name is Amanda Mohoric. The top 2 things I talk about the most are my English Bulldog Louie and all things Disney. Like many, my love of Disney started at a young age while watching all of the classic Disney movies and the Disney Channel. Then my parents surprised me with a trip to Disneyland when I was in 2nd grade and there was no going back. I remember that trip like it was yesterday and it is part of my core memories. The thought that was put into the planning of that trip and making sure it was memorable and exciting made all the difference for us kids. After that trip I felt like I would forever have the travel bug inside me.

Right out of High School I became a Flight Attendant further fueling my passion for the travel industry. These days I am no longer a Flight Attendant but still have the travel and the desire to share that passion with others. I am beyond excited to get back into the travel industry by becoming a Travel Advisor with Pixie Travel. I can’t wait to start planning trips and helping make them as memorable as my first trip to Disneyland was for me.