Jessica P

I’m a travel lover and it’s kinda cliche how I became one, but I love it. As a kid I moved around a lot. I’ve gone to about 5-6 elementary school AND luckily we FINALLY settled down. So I only went one middle and one high school. Yay! Because of this I became less content with staying in one place too long. Then if you add all the wondrous movies I watched, it’s not a surprise I began to dream of grand adventures and visiting new places. As a teenager I was finally able to experience the magic and wonder of Disney with my family. It was glorious and I couldn’t wait to return once I got older. Now i’ve been able to not only visit Disney but also other beautiful places around the world. I’ve learned a lot from who I met and the places I visited. Now with my experience and knowledge I want to guide you on your adventure, while making this process as easy as possible.