Kenny C

Hello there, my name is Kenny and I live in South Carolina with my wife, 2 dogs and cat. I work fulltime as a Supervisor in a Call Center and spend my free time building LEGO and watching anything on Disney+. I love talk about traveling, food recommendations, and of course anything Disney.

I have a HUGE love for anything Disney, whether it be Disney Animation, PIXAR, MARVEL or even my favorite franchise Star Wars, I love it all! My wife is more so the Universal Studios girl because of her love for Harry Potter which I have no judgment towards, because I’m a proud house member of Hufflepuff! HUFFLEPUFF!

Disney World is my favorite place to go to (even though I’ve gone 3 times) alongside going into Galaxy’s Edge which is absolutely amazing! Looking back at photos my parents showed me I was at Disney World when it turned 25 and then I came back to Disney World when it turned 50 which is mind blowing!

Even though I do love Disney, I love to travel even more! Whether it’s getting out of the state for a couple of days or traveling to a different country for a couple of weeks, I’m for it. I’ve been traveling ever since I was a kid when my dad was in the military. The many cultures and experiences there are in the world are amazing to be a part of and I’m so glad I was given that opportunity.

I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all, and I hope that we can talk about your exciting trips and amazing memories to come.

Adventure is out there…