Kristin W

Hi Friends! I’m Kristin and I’m beyond excited to be a Pixie Travel Advisor and part of such an amazing team! I live in South Florida (Philadelphian at heart), married, and have 2 beautiful children.

My last trip to Disney in January encouraged me to pursue this journey and I am so grateful for this opportunity. You know that indescribable feeling you get when you walk down Main Street, that all of a sudden nothing matters in life because your surrounded by Magic Vibe, or that giddy inner child so excited because your about to meet Mickey thrill? Yes, it got me! And as a planner, it’s just as exciting to help others experience it as well. But it doesn’t stop there! Whether it be all about the mouse, cruising the high seas, or creating Epic memories at Universal, I’m here to make it happen!

I look forward to extending my knowledge and guidance with your vacation planning and assist in creating memories to last a lifetime.

Facebook: WishUponAPixie.Travel