Lacie M

Hi!! I’m Lacie! I am a mom of 4 awesome kiddos. We are a Disney loving family, but we love travel in general! I was born in Washington DC (grew up in Virginia) and actually only visited Oklahoma and Texas as a child on vacations. My first time at Disney World, I was 27 years old. My sisters and I were the Family of the Day …and I knew from that day on, You Couldn’t Stop Me or my love for Disney and theme parks (and I would create 4 kiddos that are obsessed as well)! Little did I know that once you cruise, it is a different love. Don’t get me started on all the food…I promise I know the best places, snacks, and treats at every theme park. Universal, Sea World, Busch Gardens…..I could go on and on. Trust me, the Apple Fries la Mode at Legoland Florida is an absolute delight! Living in Florida makes it hard to do anything but travel, which is how I ended up a Pixie!

I know my love for travel will be the passion that creates lasting memories for you. Whether it’s a girls trip to Napa Valley, family trip to Disney, or a honeymoon at that All-Inclusive Resort you’ve been eyeing, I have it covered and will plan everything down to your snack and coffee breaks. Whatever you need!