Lesley P

I am Lesley …. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. I am a chef by trade but turned in my chef hat to be a mom of 2 wonderful kiddos. Growing up in Atlanta, I was lucky enough to visit my grandparents in Florida and visit Magic Kingdom, and I have been fascinated by all that is Disney ever since my first visit. I just can’t get enough of all things Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise, or anything with a mouse.

My greatest love is to book trips for people with exceptional kids. I have a son with autism and know how challenging it is to travel with a kid with special needs. I often work to plan with special accommodations, so that we can travel frequently, and I am happy to share some of my tips and suggestions to help you do the same – on any trip you can think of — whether it be a Cruise, theme parks, or skiing. Taking a child with Autism or other special needs to a theme park can be an intimidating experience. I know! The combination of the crowds, smells, sounds, and motion of rides puts a lot of strain on a child, not to mention the lines. However, most major theme parks offer some form of accommodations to children with Autism and other special needs. Believe me I know!

I have created many great memories with my kids, and I’d love to help you create unforgettable experiences as well. I have personal experience with all the parks, cruises, and European travel. Let me help plan your family’s magical memories!!!