Lilian M

Hi there! My name is Lilian, I am a wife and devoted dog mom to my two sweet pups. My husband and I love to travel, but Disney is our favorite destination.
When I was fifteen my aunt took me on my first trip to Disney, but the passion truly sparked when my father and I went to Disney World and on a Disney Cruise for my senior trip. This trip gave me a new perspective that life is as joyous as you make it. Being able to feel and see the magic at all ages is extraordinary and something I wish to help everyone experience!
The parks bring an unavoidable childlike joy to the people that visit, which is why it is so important to me to make your trip as easy as possible so that you can enjoy the wonders that Disney has to offer.
Whether it’s a trip for friends, family or solo, I want to make it as memorable and magical for you as possible without the hassle of planning! I cannot wait to help you plan the vacation of your dreams!